Big Dipper: Lookin


Say hello to Big Dipper! This is one artist that everyone in our two offices (NYC and Milano) love. We’ve never seen so much talent, pride, and something-something in the music world. We think the future belongs to those who dare to go bare (not bareback of course). We’re talking Body-Positive folks. The kind like Big Dipper, who can authentically rap and drop a rhyme, but doing from his world view. Is he a kid from the ghetto? No, not the one that makes the evening news in the USA too much and not in a positive light. Rather, Big Dipper is from another ghetto and it’s very G.A.Y.

But he’s no statistic and has a masculine voice and keeps the pump going and does tracks that both Gay and Hetero people could listen too. His lyrics are nasty and not for the under 18 set. So you’ve been warned. But he has some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube.  Ciao from Milano…

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Although the magazine has a gay themed section for MEN who LOVE MEN called Male-Male. We decided that Big Dipper had the talent and rap chops to go on the main Music page for all to see. When we previewed this video, we had to watch it twice because we thought it was nothing but LOVE and PURE FUN. So open up your mind and laugh with us. CIAO FROM MILANO…


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Big Dipper – Lookin
Director: Tobin Del Cuore
Editor: Julien Lormant
Director of Photography: Alex Birnie
Producer: Hayley Guerra
Creative Producer: Donato Sepulveda
Styling / Costume Designer: Ashton Hirota
Choreographer: Melissa Schade
Assistant Choreographer: Kenzie
Color Correction: Daniel Ainsworth
Assistant Director: Kyle Pavlin
On site Barber: Boswell Scot
Make Up: Morgan McDonnell, Ozzie Gutierrez
Art Department: Roman Udalov, Toban Nichols
Gaffer: David Goodman
Grip: Natalie Onken

Featuring: Love Connie
Dancers: Joshua Charles Parker, Tito Bonito, Martin ‘Free’ Ramos, Jason Brooks, Ryan Walker Page, Dexter Mayfield, Tom Pardoe, Michael Adalante

with: Steve Mac Issac, Dan Soto, Vlad Garcia, Rakeem Cunningham, Sean Lawrence, Michael Mcgregor, Ryan Oji, Alberto Gutierrez, Joaquin Gutierrez, Christhian Garcia

PA’s: Daniel Pilcher, Dylan DeLuca, Jennie Arruda, Owen Scarlett, Maxwell Schwarz, Meg Chase, Finn McMillan, Kellie Hudson

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: If we were producing a DUNE remake or inspired flick, there would be one choice for The Baron. It would be Big Dipper. Checkout this very fashionable and art direction lover’s wet dream production made for the SyFy network. Tell us what you think. Ciao from Milano….


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