9 Erection Boosting Foods


Drops The 411 on what foods to eat to make your stuff jump to attention for some business. Regardless of what side of the gym you play on (STR8 or OTHER), this informative video is packed with some good suggestions to put that blood to the pipe. Perfect prep or should we say “foreplay” for NO SHAVE NOVEMBER. Starts on Nov. 1st, 2019.


For better erections & overcoming erectile dysfunction what you eat daily has a huge effect on the strength and quality of your erections and sexual performance. Below are the foods you should add to your “Grown Man” grocery list or put into your phone so that it becomes a part of your life…

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– Pomegranate
– Arugula
– Kale
– Spinach
– Watermelon
– Walnuts
– Beet juice
– Garlic
– Oranges

THE DAVID is a Muscle-Bear: Jason Blackburn!

The David Reborn: Garry William Collins!

THE DAVID is JP Gowdy!


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