2018 DUCATI Panigale V4! (By SnewJ)


The 411 on Ducati design is brought out in full force for the month of May. Italian design is world renowned and Ducati brings it full force in this wonderful video. Produced by SnewJ (Sometimes called Snewjjj), this video gives a great run down on the hi-tech features that, of course, can be connected to your phone of the 2018 DUCATI Panigale V4! SnewJ takes it out from the dealer for a spin. Shows off his great style and more. This is a great short vid for those with the cash, that want treat themselves with their tax rebate check or OT from work. Superb Italian design and Very MILANO411. Ciao from Milano and NYC….

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2018 DUCATI Panigale V4! (By SnewJ) | MILANO411

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2018 DUCATI Panigale V4! (By SnewJ) | MILANO411

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