12 Best Chest Exercises: By V-Shred!


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In this video I take you guys through 12 of my absolute favorite chest exercises that you can do! Don’t think you have to do all 12 for chest day – that is NOT what you should be doing with this information. What you want to do is pick 4-5 exercises and go 3-4 sets of each to design your chest workout.

Rep Range:
Strength = Low Reps
Hypertrophy = High Reps

– Bench Press
– Cable Crossover
– Chest Dips
– Dumbbell Chest Press
– Hammer Strength Chest Press
– Cable Fly Low to High
– Cable Fly High to Low
– Landmine Press
– Plate Press
– Chest Pullovers
– Hammer Strength Side Press
– Pec Deck Fly

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