10 Essential Italian Horror Movies That Are Exceptionally Good!


We love Halloween here at the magazine. Journey to ITALY and experience some of the classics of the Italian Horror genre. A lot of American directors have stolen from ITALY. Shame on you! Well, be careful of things that go bump in the night.

Ciao from MILANO411.com.


With only a handful of films remaining from the 1920s, it might seem like the Italian horror genre is long lost due to bourgeois comedy and censorship. But don’t forget, the 1960s brought with it several developments in this realm, which filmmakers like Dario Argento, Mario Bava, and Lucio Fulci contributed to. Mario Bava kick-started the new wave in Italian horror, which witnessed the flourishing of gothic, dark, and slasher films with a distinct Italian flavor. Not to mention Hollywood saw several collaborations of Giallo, which pertains to the Italian horror/thriller genre with elements of slasher and crime. This video will explore a few of these Italian horror movies that are exceptionally good.


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